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The Little Shop That Shouldn't Be Here

The PCs encounter a shop in a very unlikely place.

Back Story

The Little Shop That Shouldn't Be Here is a magical store that can appear nearly anywhere and actually reshapes itself to fit in with it's surroundings. Even the appearance of the owner changes according to the circumstances. The shop will never be attacked or harassed by locals. Locals may, in fact, patronize the shop.

Despite all of this, it's almost never expected, since it appears in the most unusual places.

Regardless of appearance, the owner is always friendly and attentive to potential customers and he can speak any language at the native level.

The owner will buy anything of value, regardless of what it is (or whether or not it's stolen) and most of his stock is quite unusual.

Before each encounter with the shop, the GM should come up with three or four highly-detailed, special items for sale. Dungeon Fantasy 8 should be helpful for this. Aside from this, the ordinary equipment should always be higher quality than normal in some fashion.

The shop specializes in adventuring gear, but carries a little of everything and can get just about anything via special orders.

Starting the Encounter

This encounter can literally take place anywhere. The weirder the location, the better. For example, the shop might be encountered inside a dungeon.

The PCs are minding their own business, adventuring, just like usual. Then they stumble across the shop for the first time.

The shop always has a few rules posted that always appear to be written in the native tongue of the reader:

  1. No Shoplifting
  2. No Loitering
  3. No Credit or Tabs
  4. Do Not Ask About Rule 3

If the PCs attack the shop, it will instantly disappear and will never reappear. If they shoplift, they'll discover that the items they've stolen are actually incredibly good fakes (-10 to discern) that break the first time they're used and become obvious fakes as soon as they try to sell them or pass them on to someone else. Sometimes shoplifted items turn out to be cursed magic items instead.

Asking about rule three annoys the owner, causing him to rolls his eyes and mutter swear words in the least well known language the group can understand.

Oh, There it is Again

If the PCs purchased anything at all during any encounter with the shop, it will show up during the next adventure on a 12 or less on 3d. Keep checking with each adventure until it shows up again.

If they didn't purchase anything during their last encounter with the shop, the chance will drop to 9 or less. If two encounters pass without purchase, the chance drops to 6 or less.

The owner of the shop will try to keep items in stock that appeal to the PCs. They can also make special orders if they like; this increases the likelihood of the shop showing up during the next adventure to 15 or less.

Shoplifting reduces the likelihood of encountering the shop again by 3.

Becoming Preferred Customers

It should be noted (and suggested to customers that buy things) that PCs may become Preferred Customers by taking the shop as a Patron with a 10 point base. Always apply the Highly Accessible (the shop owner tends to knows when his Preferred Customers want him around), Minimal Intervention (the shop owner doesn't interfere; he only sells things) and Pact (see the next paragraph) Modifiers.

However, the shop keeper requires that his Preferred Customers take a Minor Vow (“Never shop anywhere but at the Little Shop”). This is an exception to the rule of Disadvantages not granting extra points when acquired through play, since it's entirely voluntary, but these points may only be spent on the Patron.

It's possible to get the owner to leave out the Vow for a sufficiently large bribe ($1000). He won't suggest this; the PCs would have to ask.

The player may optionally add the Equipment Enhancement to Patron. This represents the PC receiving occasional free samples.

Please note: roll once for the shop showing up for each Preferred Customer and once for the entire group, as listed in the previous section. Showing up for a Preferred Customer doesn't affect the chances of the shop showing up in the future for the whole group.

If a Preferred Customer makes a special order and the shop fails to appear during the next adventure, the order itself will appear, carried by some kind of local creature in an outfit befitting a delivery service. The order will be in a package wrapped in brown paper. The delivery creature will hold out a clipboard and ask the character to sign for the package before handing it over. The delivery creature will either be ignored by locals or get respectful nods, depending on circumstances.

Concluding the Encounter

If three encounters with the shop pass without purchase, then the shop will start following a different group around. It will continue to show up for Preferred Customers, however.


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