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Revenge of the Mad Baker

The PCs wander into a magic shop and find the owner dead, covered in chocolate, with a look of horror frozen on his face. What monster could have done this?

Back Story

Paige Schuppert is a renowned food mage and an amazingly-skilled maker of baked goods and candy. She's also quite paranoid and has never gotten along well with others. If left in the peace of her own kitchen, she's fine and never bothers anyone.

Just recently, she started selling enchanted chocolates that mimic the effects of potions and other magic items, as well as tiny chocolate Golems. Unfortunately, she didn't know anything about the Enchanter's Syndicate.

As one might expect, one of their enforcers paid her a visit. She listened quietly and considered what he had to say. The next time he showed up, she was ready for him. In the interim she made some new friends: a large, anthropomorphic rabbit-shaped chocolate golem, and a horde of pixie-sized hard candy golems.

The enforcer walked in the front door like he owned the place and Paige ambushed him. The golems picked him up and carried him to a large vat of bubbling chocolate. After a brief conversation, she ordered him dropped in and the lid latched. As screams rent the air, she left her kitchen forever, her new friends in tow.

Now on the run from the Syndicate, Paige is taking the fight to them, one by one, leaving each victim encased in chocolate.

Adventure Synopsis

  • PCs enter magic shop, find owner dead, covered in chocolate
    • Alternative openings
      • PCs are outside shop and hear a scream; a customer just found the body
      • PCs are hired by the city watch to investigate the murder
    • They find clues that the owner was a member of the Syndicate
  • PCs ask around
    • Last person in the shop before trouble began was woman with red hair
      • She was wearing an unusual outfit with a distinctive scarf
    • Someone (eventually) recognizes her by the description: Paige Schuppert
  • PCs go to Paige's shop
    • They find an axe on the floor, just inside the door
      • This belonged to the enforcer
    • Detailed search turns up the body of the enforcer in the chocolate vat
    • Signs that the body is a Syndicate enforcer
      • Dwarf
        • The syndicate favors Dwarves for enforcers due to their magic resistance
      • Wearing two layers of heavily magical armor, plus several other minor magic items
  • PCs search for Paige

Major Variations

This optional section (remove if not used), should detail variations in the adventure, either to add some extra spice, or to use it in another setting.

Starting the Adventure

Describe possible adventure hooks to get the PCs involved in the story.

[Name Adventure Parts]

Each section of the adventure should have a unique name, so it's easy to reference. Add a section to the page for each part of the adventure. Describe in detail what happens during this chunk of the story.

Flavor text to be read to the players may be marked like this (1×1 table):

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Concluding the Adventure

Detail how to end the story. List possible hanging plot elements that might be revisited at a later date. Describe rewards and/or penalties that might be obtained for success or failure.

Maps and Locations

Display maps and describe the locations found within. Be sure to detail any unusual conditions.


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