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Dungeon Law 101

Everyone knows how a typical dragon story is supposed to go:

Adventurers are hired by the villagers. Adventurers slay dragon and rescue damsel in distress. Adventurers take dragon's hoard. Everyone's happy except the dragon.

In this adventure, things start out similar to that, but everything turns wrong when the dragon responds to the PCs attacking him by bringing in his lawyer, who proceeds to sue them for assault and the villagers for breach of contract.

How will the PCs get out of this mess? Will they get to slay the dragon, or will red tape and slick lawyer talk forever stand in the way?

Back Story

Many, many years ago, [Dragon] happened upon a powerful jeweled magic wand, but knew little of it and didn't really care. He was just collecting treasure for his hoard. He put it with everything else and as far as he was concerned, that was the end of it.

As it so happens, a group of demons were looking for it, eventually tracing it to the dragon. They started negotiations with an impressive sounding offer of half value of the hoard.

[Dragon] did some research by showing it to a sage and promising not to eat him if the sage figured out what it was and what it was worth. After a brief stay in the sage's hands, the wand was returned with a detailed explanation of it's history and a price tag. [Dragon]'s eyes nearly popped out of it's head as it discovered the wand was worth over ten times their asking price!

Properly prepared to bargain, he returned to the negotiations. After much haggling, they settled on a good compromise. However, [Dragon] decided he didn't want gold (his cave was too small to fit him and the money). He wanted certain guarantees about the future.

After further haggling, they settled on a new deal: [Dragon] got an excellent lawyer, for life.

Shortly after, the dragon and his new lawyer calmly walked into the nearest village. His lawyer had drawn up a set of contacts for the villagers to sign. In essence, they boiled down to the following:

  • Given: [Dragon] has been terrorizing your village for years, eating livestock, farmers, etc.
  • Given: You would like this to stop.
  • [Dragon] wishes to be more civilized.
  • [Dragon] will protect your village from other dragons, invading armies and the like. He will otherwise leave the village alone.
  • In exchange, you will offer him one virgin to eat, once a year.

Somewhat reluctantly, the villagers agreed and signed. They were given a copy for their archives.

Several generations passed and people forgot what it was like before the agreement with the dragon. They hired adventurers to kill the dragon. [Dragon] ate the adventurers and burned down all the buildings in the village, which was a warning clearly spelled out in the contract if they failed to keep up their end of the bargain. This conveniently destroyed the village's copy of the contract, leaving them unable to look for loop-holes (part of the lawyer's plan, all along).

After the attack was over, the lawyer spoke with the villagers, politely reminding them of their obligations.

More than a hundred years have passed since then and the villagers have completely forgotten the contract. All they know is that feeding the dragon a virgin every year keeps them safe from it's wrath. They hold a random drawing each spring and feed an unfortunate girl to the dragon.

This year, the daughter of Harlan Twait, a local farmer, was chosen. He's not happy and decides to surreptitiously hire some adventurers to kill the dragon and rescue her. He's cautious about revealing this to the rest of the village, because it's an unpopular decision; everyone is too afraid of the dragon to do anything.

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Starting the Adventure

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