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True Ice

Colleges Creation
Components Verbal, Hand
Casting Time 1 second
Duration 1 use

Creates 10 pounds of true ice, which is three times stronger than normal ice and will never melt, but is still cold to the touch. If PCs start using this spell to make money, the GM is free to require them to pay points for that money (using either the Independent Income Advantage or the Trading Points For Cash rule).

Create (Ice, Specific Item) 1 [26] 
    Reduced Fatigue Cost 2 [+40%] 
    Cosmic (Essential) [+50%] 
    Cosmic (True) [+50%] 
        Will never melt on it's own 
        Essential fire can melt it 
            This transforms it into essential water 
    Extended Duration (Permanent) [+300%] 
    Based on Activation Roll [+5%] 
    Magical [-10%] 
    Spell Components [-20%] 
        Must say "ice" in Latin 
        Must gesture with hands 
Levels 2-4 [52/78/103] 
    Increase Create by 1 level [+5 base] 
Levels 5+ [+25.75/level] 
    Increase Create by 1 level [+5 base] 
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