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Summon Adventurers

Colleges Summoning
Components Verbal
Casting Time 64 seconds
Duration 3 minutes

This spell summons adventurers and forces them to obey the caster for the duration of their visit.

Most adventurers this spell is used on will initially think it was merely a dream or the like, due to the Projection Enhancement on Warp.

Summon Adventurers [342] 
    Affliction [119.5] 
        Advantage [+650%] 
            Warp [65] 
                Extra-Heavy Carrying Capacity [+50%] 
                    Gear is projected, too 
                    Ammunition expended is not actually used 
                    Magic item charges are not used up, etc. 
                Projection (Physical) [-25%] 
                Special Portal: Only to the caster [-60%] 
        Temporary Transport [+0%] 
        Advantage (Meta-Trait: Summoned Being) [+0%] 
        Malediction (Long Distance Modifiers) [+200%] 
        Resisted by Will [+20%] 
        Cosmic (No penalty for not sensing target) [+50%] 
    Mind Control [222.5] 
        Long-Range (Long Distance Modifiers) [+50%] 
        Cosmic (No need to see or touch target) [+50%] 
        Independent [+70%] 
    Fixed Duration [+0%] 
    Link [+10%] 
        One Resistance roll for both effects 
    Based on Activation Roll [+5%] 
    Cancellation [+10%] 
        Touch or second activation roll to dismiss targets 
    Cosmic (Irresistible Attack) [+300%] 
    Only Works on Adventurers [-40%] 
    Takes Extra Time 6 [-60%] 
    Magical [-10%] 
    Spell Components [-40%] 
        Must chant in Latin 
        Must call out names of desired adventurers 
Level 2 [372] 
    Add Multiple Targets 1 [+50%] 
Levels 3+ [+30/level] 
    Increase Multiple Targets by 1 level [+50%] 
Duration Level 1 [+12] 
    Add Extended Duration (x3) [+20%] 
Duration Levels 2-6 [+24/+36/+48/+60/+72] 
    Increase Extended Duration by 1 step [+20%] 
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