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Reveal the Weave

Colleges Divination, Meta
Components Material
Casting Time 1 hour
Duration 1 use

The Weave (and the other forces that witches of the Archipelago have taken to tapping) behaves in a semi-sentient fashion. This is not readily apparent, until you come to spells that interact directly with those forces, like this one.

This spell is how witches and warlocks learn new spells, at least most of the time. They can also learn spells from each other and via the usual research path, but this spell is how they learn pre-existing spells that are unavailable to be taught.

This spell is cast by entering a meditative state for an hour, thinking about the effect of the spell they desire to learn. This is followed by opening their eyes and staring into a container filled with sand or some other fine, consistently colored powder (a beach will do, but imposes a -2 penalty). In this state, the witch is able to see patterns representing spells within The Weave (or equivalent force). Next, they use various colored sands or other powders to depict the pattern in their container.

Finally they leave their meditative state and copy the pattern onto a sheet of paper. If it works as intended or is otherwise useful, the new spell will be copied into their spell book.

The discovery roll (the spell's activation roll) for Oracle determines whether or not the witch was able to get into the proper state of mind to learn a new spell from this process. Critical failure will produce a twisted, warped pattern that will do harm to the witch when cast, but it appears to be some kind of useful spell. This does not also require a roll against the Critical Spell Failure table. If at all possible, when the twisted pattern is used, the effect should be a harmful twisting of the spell the witch was seeking to learn.

The interpretation roll (based on whatever specialty of the Magic skill matches the desired spell; multi-college spells use the lowest of these) for Oracle determines if the spell is the one desired. The witch may skip the interpretation roll and allow the GM to choose for them, if desired. Seeking a common spell requires an unmodified interpretation roll. Uncommon gives a -2 penalty. Rare spells may be had with a -4. Very rare spells impose a -6. Unique spells are not normally available, but if the witch has good reason to seek such a spell and the GM is willing, this would require a roll at a -8 penalty. If another type of spell-caster demonstrates a spell and how it works in detail, these penalties are halved.

Failing the interpretation roll produces a functional spell, but not the one the witch was seeking. This can be almost anything and is often entirely new. GMs that like introducing new and unusual spells can do so easily through this spell. The GM may wish to have a list of never-before seen spells on hand for such circumstances.

Note:Since this is a witch-specific spell, there are no spell components. No other type of spell-caster can use this spell. This is also universal magic for witches and defaults to Thaumatology directly. This should also always be castable, regardless of whether or not Magery has been limited to a smaller selection of spells, unless it's limited to a single college.

Oracle (Spell Patterns in The Weave) [24] 
    Inspired [+100%] 
    Discovery Based on Activation Roll [+5%] 
    Interpretation Based on Magic (College) Roll [+5%] 
        Use whichever specialty is appropriate to the desired spell 
    Limited Use (Once a Day) [-40%] 
    Magical [-10%] 
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