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Poetic Improvisation

Colleges Any
Components Verbal
Casting Time 4 seconds or more
Duration Varies

This spell allows a mage to improvise a magical effect by reciting a poem. Please save your GM some trouble by working out how you want this effect to work, before you try to cast this spell. The GM is free to say nothing happens, because you're unprepared.

DO NOT HOLD UP THE GAME TO WORK OUT THE DETAILS OF THE DESIRED EFFECT! That is, unless everyone agrees this would be more fun.

Based on the effect being produced, choose the most appropriate college. Roll against that for activation, but only after the reaction roll for Fickle, as the result may provide a bonus or penalty to all required rolls that come after. The GM should give a bonus/penalty to the reaction roll based on how good the poem is and how well it was recited by the player.

This spell can go seriously wrong on a critical failure on the activation roll combined with a bad reaction roll. The GM is encouraged to be creative and twisted.

Realistically, this spell is often the precursor or inspiration for a more detailed regular spell. The GM may give a bonus to research a regular spell for creative application of this spell. I suggest this should be among the results of an Excellent reaction.

This is often the first spell taught to apprentice wizards, as the results of careless wording are often helpful in teaching the apprentice to use magic sparingly.

Modular Abilities (Cosmic) 1 [2] 
    Physical Advantages Only [+50%] 
    Fickle [-20%] 
        Interpret the full range of reactions [+0%] 
        Good/bad poetry should contribute a bonus/penalty 
    Nuisance Effect [-40%] 
        Tends to produce unpredictable nuisance effects based on poem 
        This might take the form of temporary disadvantages up to -40 points 
    Takes Extra Time 2 [-20%] 
    Magical [-10%] 
    Spell Components [-40%] 
        Must recite a poem describing the desired effect 
        Must speak loudly, in order to be heard by all present 
Levels 2+ [+2/level] 
    Increase Modular Abilities by 1 level [+10 base] 
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