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Mime's Improvisation

Colleges Any
Components Varies, Material
Casting Time 2 seconds
Duration 1 minute

This is an example of Mime magic.

This spell is able to produce a wide variety of effects, but only those that the caster can mime in some fashion.

The activation roll for this spell is a special case: roll against whichever specialty of the Magic skill is most appropriate to the effect being produced, or the Magic (Mime) Skill can always be used.

Modular Abilities (Slotted Cosmic, 1 slot) 2 [6] 
    Physical Advantages Only [+50%] 
    Limited (Things that can be mimed) [-5%] 
    All-Out [-25%] 
        Must mime appropriately the entire time 
    Can't re-arrange once cast [-40%] 
    Magical [-10%] 
    Spell Components [-40%] 
        Must mime appropriately 
        Must wear a beret 
        Must wear white make-up on face 
Levels 2+ [+3/level] 
    Increase Modular Abilities by 2 levels [+10 base] 
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