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Illusionary Script

Colleges Illusion, Protection
Components Verbal, Hand, Material
Casting Time 64 seconds
Duration Permanent

By means of this spell, the caster writes a message masked by an illusionary, suggestion-planting effect. Only those given permission to read the text by the caster can avoid having to resist the effect each turn.

Mind Control [95] 
    Independent [+70%] 
    Persistent [+40%] 
    Extended Duration (Permanent) [+150%] 
        Applies to Persistent 
    Selective Area [+20%] 
        Only affects those that read the script without permission from the caster 
    Suggestion [-40%] 
        Suggestion chosen at casting time 
    Only Affects Those Reading the Script [-40%] 
    Takes Extra Time 6 [-60%] 
    Magical [-10%] 
    Spell Components [-40%] 
        Must say "script" in Latin before writing 
        Must write in a lead-based alchemical ink ($300) 
Levels 2-7 [100/105/110/115/120/125] 
    Reduce Takes Extra Time by 1 level [+10%] 
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