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Hut of Secure Shelter

Colleges Creation, Protection
Components Verbal, Hand, Material
Casting Time 4 seconds
Duration 1000 minutes (16 2/3 hours)

This is a more powerful version of Hut of Shelter with various accessories, greater DR, stronger Temperature Control and an Unseen Servant to attend to the caster's needs.

The doors and windows will not open unless the caster desires them to.

Hut of Shelter [145] 
    Damage Resistance 5 [85] 
        Area Effect (4 yard radius) [+100%] 
        Affects Others [+50%] 
        Force Field [+20%] 
        Selective Area [+20%] 
            Caster decides if doors and windows can be opened 
    Temperature Control 5 [45] 
        Area Effect (4 yard radius) [+50%] 
            Builds on built-in 2 yard radius 
        Independent [+40%] 
        Only to Approach 70ºF [-40%] 
        Emanation [-20%] 
    Accessory (Lantern) [1.5] 
        Light source in ceiling of hut 
    Accessory (Furniture) [1.5] 
    Accessory (Hearth with cooking gear) [1.5] 
        Burns for the duration 
    Ally (25% of point total, Unseen Servant, Appears Automatically) [10] 
        Summonable [+100%] 
        Minion [+0%] 
    Extended Duration (x1000) [+120%] 
    Fixed Location [+0%] 
        Stays where cast 
    Takes Extra Time 2 [-20%] 
    Magical [-10%] 
    Spell Components [-40%] 
        Must say "hut" in Latin 
        Must gesture with hands 
        Must hold a small crystal bead ($0.06) that shatters when the spell ends 

Unseen Servant.gcs

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