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Enchanted Scroll

Colleges Charm, Meta
Components Verbal, Hand
Casting Time 64 seconds
Duration See below
Requirements Unusual Background (Enchanter)

Despite the name and the terminology used throughout this spell, a “scroll” is anything that can be written on. Scrolls (paper, papyrus, etc.) are simply the most common example of how this spell is used.

Enchants a scroll with one or more spells, such that they can be cast later by reading it aloud. The spells are provided by the caster, at casting time. This is done in the following fashions, based on Magery type:

  • Standard Magery: The caster expend one or more of their own prepared spells to enchant the scroll.
  • Fatigue Magery: The caster expends FP equivalent to casting the chosen spells.
  • Threshold-Limited Magery: The caster's tally increases as though they'd cast the chosen spells.

In all cases, the caster cannot enchant spells they aren't capable of using themselves and expends resources equivalent to casting the spell, with one exception: casting time. Time comes into play when the spells are actually read from the scroll.

Activating the scroll requires knowing the language it was written in.

The caster can write the scroll in any language they can write in. These scrolls can be encrypted, requiring an additional roll vs. Cryptography to write and to read the scroll. This may take longer than normal to write and read. This requires one side of a standard-sized page of space per 20 points of spell.

Once cast, each individual spell vanishes from the scroll.

The cost of these scrolls is as follows, based on the point value of the stored spells (including any additional levels):

Commonality Value Notes
Common $10 x point value Available nearly anywhere
Uncommon $50 x point value Available nearly anywhere
Rare $250 x point value Sold at Auction: Price is the minimum bid
Very Rare $1000 x point value Sold at Auction: Price is the minimum bid
Unique - Not available at any price

This cost of each spell is further modified by it's skill level:

Skill Multiplier
Less than 15 x1.5
15 x2
16 x2.4
17 x2.8
18 x3.2
19 x4
Each further +1 Add 2 to multiplier

Extra Effort is often used by enchanters on the stored spells to increase their skill (see the Spells page for more information) for the sake of turning a profit.

Scrolls with spells at a skill of less than 15 are not normally sold, as they're considered to be of inferior quality.

Spells can be copied from these scrolls into a spell book without actually activating or harming the magic of the scroll.

Affliction [37] 
    Advantage [+14%] 
        Standard Magery 4 [1.4] 
            Based on Caster's Skill [+20%] 
                Use the caster's skill levels for casting the stored spells 
            No Spell Components [+75%] 
            Cannot Prepare Spells [+0%] 
                The caster provides the spells 
            Must Be Wielded (Anyone can use) [-30%] 
                Requires two hands on scroll 
            User must read scroll aloud [-10%] 
            Takes Extra Time 1 [-10%] 
                Doubles normal casting time 
                Spells with a casting time of zero require 1 second 
            User must understand and be able to speak the scroll's language [-5%] 
            One Use Only [1/5] 
                Spells last until cast and then cannot be prepared again 
    Malediction (As Regular Spell) [+100%] 
    Based on Activation Roll [+5%] 
    Extended Duration (Permanent) [+300%] 
    Takes Extra Time 6 [-60%] 
    Melee Attack (Reach C, No Parry) [-35%] 
    Only Works on Things That Can be Written On [-20%] 
    Magical [-10%] 
    Requirements [-5%] 
        Unusual Background (Enchanter) [5] 
    Spell Components [-20%] 
        Must chant in Latin 
        Must write on the target 
Levels 2+ [+1.4/level] 
    Increase Standard Magery by 5 levels [+14%] 
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