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Colleges Illusion
Components Verbal, Hand
Casting Time 1 second
Duration As Affliction, Malediction

Makes the recipient appear to be one yard away from where they actually are. This will normally cause attacks to miss on the first try, but seeing the attack pass through the illusion is usually a good tip-off that an illusion of some kind is in effect.

Attacks with very large weapons (1 yard across or larger) might hit anyway. Apply a -1 to hit in this case.

Affliction [63] 
    Advantage [+450%] 
        Illusion [45] 
            Initiative [+100%] 
            Extended (Hyperspectral Vision) [+25%] 
            Extended (Ultrahearing [+5%] 
            Extended (Taste/Smell) [+20%] 
            Extended (Vibration Sense) [+20%] 
            Only to Make Recipient Appear 1 Yard From Where They Are [-80%] 
            Magical [-10%] 
    Malediction (As Regular Spell) [+100%] 
    Based on Activation Roll [+5%] 
    Magical [-10%] 
    Spell Components [-20%] 
        Must say "displace" in Latin 
        Must gesture with hands 
Level 2 [68] 
    Increase Malediction to Speed/Range table [+50%] 
Level 3 [75] 
    Add Area Effect (2 yard radius) [+50%] 
    Add Selective Area [+20%] 
Level 4-7 [80/85/90/95] 
    Increase Area Effect by 1 step [+50%] 
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