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Chain Lightning

Colleges Creation
Components Verbal, Material
Casting Time 1 second
Duration 1 attack

This spell strikes a target specified by the caster and then arcs from one conductive target to the next, based on whoever is closest to the last one struck by it. It won't hit the same target more than once. If there are no available targets within range, it will continue in the same direction it was last moving until it reaches it's maximum range. If something happens to be there, it can damage it.

Please note, loose conductive objects count as targets, but those carried or worn by someone are not, unless the person carrying them isn't conductive in the slightest bit. If someone is standing on a conductive object (metal floor, perhaps), then this has a high chance of being the next target. Puddles of water usually count as part of the target, but not always. This depends on the quality and materials of the target's footwear.

Make sure you use the Overpenetration rule on p. B408, or you're ignoring the true intent of this spell! Remember that each target this passes through will reduce it's damage potential, eventually running out of damage or range.

The lightning bolt can cover a maximum of 100 yards of distance and attempt to strike up to 7 times.

This spell is notorious for coming back to haunt the caster, due to it's lack of guiding intelligence.

Innate Attack (Tight-Beam Burning, Beam) 6dx2 [207] 
    Homing [+130%] 
        Targets via Detect (Electrically Conductive Objects) 
            Previous targets don't count, Common rarity 
        Gets 6 extra passes after the first 
        Each additional pass is at the next nearest target 
        Keeps homing after Overpenetration 
    Surge, Arcing [+100%] 
    Side Effect (Stunning) [+50%] 
    Increased 1/2D (x10) [+15%] 
    Accuracy 2 [+10%] 
    Lightning Rods Can Absorb [-20%] 
        If the lightning bolt arcs to a lightning rod 
    Magical [-10%] 
    Spell Components [-30%] 
        Must say "lightning" in Latin 
        Must rub a amber ($25)/crystal ($3)/glass ($1) rod on fur ($0.10) 
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