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Bind Undead

Colleges Life, Transmutation
Components Verbal, Hand, Material
Casting Time 1 second
Duration As Affliction, Malediction
Bind Undead [247] 
    Binding 20 [122] 
        Pulls and Binds Victims into a Ball [+0%] 
            It forms at the center of the area and can be rolled around 
            They're pulled in with ST equal to level; if they can't be 
                lifted (up to 800 lbs.), they're unaffected 
            Obstacles between target and center prevent this from working 
        Engulfing [+60%] 
            No loose limbs 
        Terminal Condition (Affliction Ending) [-10%] 
    Affliction [124.5] 
        Temporal Stasis [+1000%] 
            See p. P118 
            One modification: Can be moved around 
        Cancellation [+10%] 
        Doesn't Work if They Can't Become Part of the Ball [-10%] 
    Malediction (Speed/Range Table) [+150%] 
    Based on Activation Roll [+5%] 
    Link [+10%] 
    Area Effect (2 yard radius) [+50%] 
    Selective Area [+10%] 
        Must choose a single type of undead to affect or affect all types [-50%] 
    Only Affects Undead [-40%] 
    Magical [-10%] 
    Spell Components [-30%] 
        Must say "bind" in Latin 
        Must gesture with hands 
        Must hold a bone 
Levels 2-5 [277/307/337/367] 
    Increase Area Effect by 1 step [+50%] 
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