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AD&D Conversion

This page should help in converting 2nd Edition AD&D spells into the format used in this wiki. It may also be useful for converting spell-like powers for monsters.

Hit Dice

References to Hit Dice can translate into hit points. This can be useful for setting up Limitations on how powerful a creature any given spell can affect, but it's sometimes better to simply ignore this.

Hit Dice HP
1/2 6 or less
1 7-10
2+ 10 + HD-1

Hit Points

Some spells limit themselves to affecting a maximum number of creatures based on their hit points. Divide this number by 4.5 and treat it similar to Hit Dice (see above).

Saving for Half Damage

There's two ways of doing this.

First, you can have half the levels of the damaging Advantage be Resistible.

Second, you can use put Resistible on the damaging Advantage, but make it's value half as much, along with a note that resisting results in half damage.

The end result (point-wise) should be exactly the same in nearly all cases, so the second approach is preferable.

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