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Living Wall

Living Walls are large, immobile masses of undead flesh, composed of many, many bodies. Anyone within 2 yards can hear tormented wailing, regardless of whether or not the wall is currently hidden by it's innate Illusion power.

They have the ability to animate and absorb any dead body within 128 yards. Each one absorbed gives the wall a Puppet with which to attack, additional hit points equal to the body's and an additional level of Compartmentalized Mind, allowing it to control the puppet.

Though the bodies animated by the wall may resemble Mummies and Zombies, they're not the same. They have similar templates, but retain mental skills. This allows the wall's Puppets to cast spells if they had such a capability in life. Spell-casters always gain the No Material Components Enhancement on Magery. They always pick up their gear and carry it with them into the wall, so fighters will have their weapons and shields. Those with ranged weapons will use them until they run out of ammunition.

These Wall Mummies and Wall Zombies are affected by True Faith, but if they're already part of the wall, they cannot flee, so they'll cower on a failed Will roll and defend themselves on a success (but not attack). Until these undead are absorbed into the wall, they will not attack anything; they'll use All-Out Defense (Increased Defense) along with the Retreat option on each defense, if attacked. They'll always try to retreat in the direction of the wall.

Priests and holy warriors will gain reversed versions of their divinely-granted abilities. For example, a holy warrior that could detect evil and heal by touch would instead be able to detect good and cause injury by touch (a toxic Innate Attack with Contact Agent and Melee Attack).

Each Living Wall should be unique, with a minimum of three individually designed Puppets, that can be any fleshy race. The IQ and mental traits of the wall itself should match the first creature the wall was made from. This creature should not necessarily be a Puppet.

Living Walls will not attack anyone but their creator (whom they always hate and want to kill), unless provoked. Instead, they'll weakly paw at anyone that comes within a yard of the wall and the Puppets will call out things like “Help me!” or “Pull me free!” This is often enough to get someone to grab one of the hands and pull, subjecting them to the wall's Heart Attack Affliction. This, in turn, will usually get the victim or their friends to attack the wall.

If a Living Wall ever manages to kill it's creator, it will absorb the body and then every other absorbed body will be released. Shortly after, they all cease to be undead and the wall becomes an ordinary wall with the corpse of it's creator sealed inside.

Anyone witnessing someone being absorbed into the wall must make a Fright Check at -5, since it's a pretty horrific sight.

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