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Bad Clam

Bad Clams are a heavily mutated scallop created by a mad biomancer who was eventually killed by his creations.

They have two arms reaching out from inside their shell and a pair of legs jutting from it's base. These limbs are quite flexible and boneless. Two large eyes peer out of the darkness inside the shell.

They're about as smart as an ape and carry an innate knowledge of a number of combat skills. They're particularly fond of axes and maces, but will use almost anything that even resembles an axe, mace, flail or sword. They're most often seen using tree branches as crude clubs, but they'll always scavenge weapons from fallen foes.

Bad Clams can be trained, but doing so is an almost suicidal endeavor. They're very aggressive and prone to murderous behavior at the slightest provocation.

They live in shallow waters along beaches, rivers or lakes. They lurk at the water's edge, waiting for land animals to approach. When something does, they pop out and slaughter them in a berserk rage. They've been known to attack just about anything, including dragons. They're also quite territorial about the waters they live in.

They sleep in aquatic caves and live in packs with as few as 3 or up to 12 members. Each pack is led by the biggest and strongest member (up to +2 to ST).

Fortunately, Bad Clams are quite rare.

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