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-40 points
You are a free-willed, independent illusion of one sort or another. You exist because you believe you do. Sometimes, that's the only thing keeping you alive. Should you ever stop believing in your own existence, you'll simply vanish.

You can touch and manipulate objects in your environment only because others believe that you're real. Without that, you cannot manipulate anything or be sensed by anyone. Others may choose to disbelieve your existence, requiring a contest of Will between you and them. Should they succeed, they'll no longer sense you in any way and you'll be unable to manipulate anything real while you're still being sensed by them. Unconsciously, they're still sensing you, but they're disregarding you completely.

Treat this like your ST has become zero for purposes of manipulating anything real. Should you attack anything in any way, you'll be unable to do any harm. Your attacks simply bounce off harmlessly. In such a state, you may still harm other illusions normally.

If you have magical or psionic abilities you may still affect real targets at a -3 penalty (even though you aren't real, your magic is). If your spells require material components, you may not be able to cast them unless the components you're carrying are also Illusory (if they're not, they'll pin you to the ground by your pockets). You may also affect real targets with any ability you possess that's enhanced with Affects Substantial at the usual -3 penalty. Proper application of Stealth or Invisibility Art may allow you to function normally and make indirect attacks around those that don't believe in you.

For example, you're a fighter in heavy armor and you're disbelieved successfully by one enemy in a group. You cannot harm anyone anymore, but those that still believe you exist may still attack you. Worse yet, you were wearing real armor at the time, dropping you to the floor like a stone, as you're no longer able to lift it. On the other hand, your Illusory wizard friend (who the enemy also disbelieved) wasn't carrying anything real, so he hits them with his Burning Blast spell before they overwhelm you.

You cannot be seen or recorded by things with no mind or an immunity to mental attack, such as many kinds of undead, golems, machines and video cameras, unless they're also Illusory. For active mindless beings, like undead or a robot, they cannot see you and you cannot affect them, with the exception of indirect attacks. Passive objects like a video camera are just the same as normal objects to you. This can lead others to think you're simply invisible to machines (this Disadvantage includes that ability).

On the Deep Ethereal, your body gathers stable protomatter and you become real for the duration. This is a side effect of that plane's tendency to enhance illusions.

Any Signature Gear that you own should also be an illusion in the same fashion you are.

This usually comes paired with a Delusion that you're real. All the better to keep yourself from deciding you're not. On the other hand, if you're ever presented with irrefutable evidence that you don't exist, make a Will roll. Should you fail, you vanish, permanently. On a success, you rationalize the evidence away. It doesn't matter how far fetched your rationalizations are, you still believe you exist.

If not this, then you'll want to keep this a Secret, with revelation usually taking away social Advantages and giving Social Stigma (Monster). Revelation is usually followed by pitchforks and burning at the stake, as others will begin to suspect your motives. In the best cases, everyone will disbelieve you and henceforth ignore you completely.

This Disadvantage opens up quite a few possibilities for other traits. Be creative.

Magically created Illusory characters will also have Dependency (Mana, Very Common, Constantly) for -25 points.

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