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Pelagum is the island home of the Kingdom of Cormont. It's a rocky land-mass with little in the way of useful land, but the temperature is comfortable much of the year, rarely getting too cold or too hot. What little vegetation around is all grass and scrub brush.

The inhabitants of the island depend on trade for their livelihood and they're famous for their fine craftsmanship in various fields. The island is also an excellent source of high quality marble and granite, supplying the best quarried stone in the Archipelago. The island sports a large university that's open to all; local-born residents can attend classes for free.

The island is currently ruled by the ghost of their first king, who's looking for a proper replacement. Despite his undead existence, the King is a very modern thinker, always looking for some new way to make the lives of his people better..


Pelagum was colonized in the era of the Old Kingdom for the sake of the high quality stone available on it. Many stone cutters were brought to the island for the sake of exporting this stone to artistically enhance the public works of the Kingdom. This arrangement lasted for close to fifty years, but eventually, the expense of this and many other expensive blunders began to bankrupt the Kingdom.

Finding itself unpaid for quite some time, the navy turned independent and became the Couriers.

Marcus Cromwell, a young noble living on the island, realized how serious this was for his people. Without the navy and the constant stream of cut stone leaving the island, he knew they'd soon find themselves without food. With the support of the workers, he seized control and declared himself King of the new Kingdom of Cormont.

His first action was to call on the Couriers for aid. After a lengthy discussion with one of their captains, he managed to strike a bargain: the Couriers would supply the island with food and the workers would help them build homes on their own islands. This worked out well for everyone, but the King knew it was only temporary.

He soon had a more long-term plan, again involving the Couriers. He soon made a proclamation that everyone was to become proficient at some form of marketable skill, for the sake of trade, with an emphasis on quality. Many of the stone cutters began studying architecture, to expand on what they already knew, while others turned to art, applying their skill with stone to sculpture. The younger generation adapted the best, learning new trades and crafts.

On short order, Pelagum became a center of learning, as many teachers of various skills settled on the island.

Within two years, the Couriers were carrying Cormont's arts and crafts nearly everywhere, turning a good profit for both of them.

King Marcus spent much of his life worried for his small kingdom, always fretting over the success of his various business plans. At the age of 67, he died in his sleep. His death, however, didn't stop him from worrying and he appeared the next day, sitting on his throne. After a heated discussion with his various advisers, they accepted him as the only true candidate for the throne, since no one else could make a claim by lineage, because all of Marcus' children had died young.

The King

The King still worries for his Kingdom. Marcus wants to move on, but refuses to let go unless his people can find someone that meets his long list of requirements. Should this ever occur, he'll likely fade away, as many ghosts do when their unfinished business is taken care of.

The people love him for the stability he has lent the Kingdom. Where many other kingdoms have dealt with changing laws and constant bickering among the royal family for the throne, Cormont has stayed an unwavering beacon of solidity.

Marcus is even quick to get with the times, always adopting new technologies and incorporating them into his plans for the kingdom. He's also a sly negotiator.

Being so bound to the Kingdom by his own worries and fears, he cannot leave the island. Every time he attempts to leave, he suddenly finds himself back in the throne room.

He spends his sleepless nights walking the streets, keeping a watchful eye on his people as they rest.

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