Lilly and the Outsiders: Introduction

I've finished jumping through the annoying hoops required to put the introduction in the wiki.

You can find it here.

I just wish Wikispaces1) had some way to do paragraph indentation. I had to turn all the tabs I used for indenting into blank lines. It looks all wrong, but I've gotten quite sick of struggling with the editor.2) This is not the first occasion where I've had to fight with the thing, either.3)

Not that this blog will let me do paragraph indentation, either.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy the beginning of the somewhat mangled story.

Hopefully I'll find some way to properly format it at some point in the future and then I can fix it.4)

1) This is the original wiki engine Islands of War was built in. I'm so glad I switched to Dokuwiki!
2) An interesting side note is that this is the very reason that story hasn't been updated in the wiki in so long.
3) And now we're to the reason I finally switched to Dokuwiki: control over how my wiki works. Don't get me wrong, Wikispaces is a good start for someone that's never used a wiki, but Dokuwiki is far better, if a tad harder to set up.
4) I just have a little research to do on paragraph indentation and Dokuwiki plugins that handle it and it'll all work fine. I have every confidence that I'll find a way. On the other hand, I've still got to pull myself away from the hundred other projects in this wiki vying for my time.
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