Lilly and the Outsiders

I've been working on a story in my spare time that I thought others would enjoy reading.

It uses Islands of War for the setting and is about one of the adventuring parties that I'm building.

The group isn't listed in the wiki yet, but they're called Lilly and the Outsiders.

Here's a list of the party members (by order of appearance in the story):
Lilliam “Lilly” Branche (Leader of the Party, Fighter)
Katelynn Maroguin, better known as Daughter of Shadow (Priest, Martial Artist, Rogue)
Burton Russello (Jack of all trades, Entertainer)
Odnom Orazzib (Warlock)
Teka, the Dead Eye (Blind Archer)

Lilly, Daughter of Shadow and Burton already have character sheets in the wiki, but will likely require some updates to bring them in line with events in the story. For example, Lilly is taught quite a bit about leadership behind the scenes by Teka.

Odnom is almost finished and I've yet to start on Teka.

Their first adventure is Clearing the Gnomish Mines. I'm still writing that bit out, but I'll post as each section is completed.

I'll put completed sections in the wiki here.

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