Pre-generated Characters

I've been mulling an idea through my head for a while now.

For any RPG campaign I run in the future, I'm going to build at least seven or eight characters that would fit in the campaign.

This serves a few purposes:

  • Players new to GURPS won't have to build their own character while still learning the system. This gives them a chance to play without being overwhelmed with decisions.
  • Players new to the group won't have to build their own character while still deciding if they even want to play in the group.
  • Players get a whole bunch of example characters that they can compare to and get ideas from.
  • New players will get to see characters that are actually balanced and they'll consider giving their characters more than just combat skills.
  • If a player likes one of my example characters, they can just keep it and I just build another one. With GCS (see previous posts), this is easy enough and fairly quick.
  • My players will see some of my very unique creations from their side of the table, instead of having to fight them.

Near as I can tell, there's only one down side to this plan. I have to build seven or eight characters for each campaign, in addition to everything else I have to prepare. I think it's worth it.

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