I had a long running group of players at one point. We played RPGs every week for several years.

Anyway, they had this running gag they'd use whenever they came to a fork in a dungeon or a road, etc.

They'd immediately stop, look at each other and someone would call out, “Consistency!”

Then two others would call out contradictory directions, usually left and right at the same time. Apparently, the first time this happened was totally an accident. After that, they just thought it was funny and kept doing it.

For some reason, this just kept getting funnier the longer they did it. In a few cases, we'd laugh for a minute or so and then I'd finally ask again, “So which way are you going?” Every once in a while they'd immediately do it again.

Ah, good old times. I miss gaming with them, but we're all busy in different ways these days.

The old “diametrically opposed schedules” thing. Ah, we should put our schedules in an arena and make em' fight to the death or something.

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