Realms of Randomness

This page exists for one purpose only: it's a place-holder for random ideas that seem useful, but that I haven't had time to develop yet.

However, this page is also obsolete; I'm in the process of replacing it with the Ideas Blog page.

  • Priscilla the Pretty Pink Princess of the Plains of Perpetual Pleasantness - Demon from a place where demons are all cute. She looks vaguely like a Pixie (wearing pink, of course!). She really hates the letter 'P' and was kicked out of her home plane because she didn't fit in. She has psychotic tendencies and a plan that involves brainwashing little girls.
  • Zombies grapple instead of punching - Something to keep in mind for later portions of the campaign.
  • Bedlam Grave - Undertaker? Evil undertaker?
  • Snatcher used to pull rabbits out of hats.
  • Warp with the Tunnel Enhancement.
    • Modify to use as reach extender and attack reflector.
      • Allow it to be used as an active defense with an extra attack roll to aim the attack where desired.
    • Would have to restrict the size of the tunnel somehow and make it easier to use.
    • Would make an interesting spell/collection of spells.
      • Perhaps call it Portal? Hehe.
        • Hrm. The Ranged enhancement on Warp with Tunnel.
        • Environmental for requiring a flat surface.
        • Require a shot for each end and we've got a portal gun.
  • Haunted house
    • Ghost thinks the resident is fat
      • Constantly leaves messages in blood, for example:
        • “Diet”
        • “You're fat”
        • “Lose some weight”
  • Wizard that's the familiar of some powerful magical animal.
    • League member?
    • Side character?
    • Quest giver?
  • Cute vampire woodland creatures on the prowl.
    • Make an adventure out of it?
    • Vampire bunnies anyone?
    • Vampire horse drinking the blood of other horses in every stable it's housed in.
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