• The Deimos Project - Another of my projects. I'm slowly building a game development library collection and game in Java. “Real men don't need inertia dampers!”
  • DokuWiki - This is the wiki engine this wiki is currently running on.
  • GCS - Electronic GURPS Character Sheet. Very nice program and open source! I used it to build the characters and racial templates used on this wiki.
  • GURPS - Generic Universal Role Playing System. My favorite table-top RPG.
  • Inkscape - Wonderful vector-based drawing program. I use it to draw the maps on this wiki, as well as any other drawings I might need, such as the logo in the upper left corner of any wiki page.
  • Islands of War (The Blog) - This is my blog's old home. It is now obsolete, as I've moved it into this wiki.
  • Islands of War (The Old Wiki) - This is the old home of this wiki. It is now obsolete, but you might find this link useful for historical purposes.
  • Serendipity - Several useful name generators, plus some other stuff. I love the Gnome name generator here. It produces very amusing names.
  • Seventh Sanctum - Lots of random generators (not just names).
  • Steve Jackson Games - The company that makes GURPS books. Freakin' awesome company. They make great stuff!
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