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Getting Started


This campaign setting is mostly TL4. You'll find the exceptions detailed on the Technology page.


First off, your characters will most likely be members of the League of Adventurers.

Second, you're probably interested in building your Characters. There are Witches in this setting; you may wish to read up on them a bit. However, please note that without a suitable Hidden Lore skill or actually being a witch/warlock, your character won't know anything about them other than rumor (“Witches are in league with demons!”).

The Rules page has links to pages for Advantages, Disadvantages, Equipment, Modifiers, Races, Skills, etc.

You might want to download a copy of GCS. It's used pretty heavily in this setting and will make building your characters easier.

If you've got the time, try reading up on the History, Islands and Factions of this setting.


For starters, you'll probably want to visit the GM's version of the History page. Then try the Islands page to get the lay of the land. Next I'd familiarize myself with the Factions of the area. Finally, I suggest perusing the Campaign page for tips on running Islands of War.

You should also read the Characters page, just to make sure everything there matches up with what you want out of this setting.

You'll need to download a copy of GCS. It's used pretty heavily in this setting, so you won't be able to get by without it. All NPC character sheets are in the form of GCS files.

If the PCs are members of the League, then you should choose a suitable sponsor for them. Andwise, Faelchiril or Issvarti of the Knight of the Post Tavern and Inn are all good choices for this (of the three, Issvarti is probably the best choice; there's even an introductory adventure involving him). Sebastion of the Hazard Harbingers could work, as well.

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