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Spell Sandbox

If you'd like to help add to these lists, please have a look at the page for contributing to the wiki.

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Sand Box

This is the spell sand box. Do not use these spells, as they're all works in progress.

Any spells that are works in progress should lack tags until they're ready to be added to the main library file. Tags will instead be listed as regular text at the end of the page.

If converting an AD&D spell, this page may be of some assistance.

Regular Spells

Magic Item Spells

  • None, currently.

Experimental Subjects

These are spells I'm building for the sake of putting an idea in the wiki just to see how it looks. They're purely temporary and should not be used.

  • None, currently.

Problematic/On Hold

  • Aerial Servant - Must build character sheet.
  • Kaleidoscopic Strike - From Tome of Magic. Not sure how I want this to work. Affliction (Disadvantage: Amnesia)? Neutralize (Magic)? There is no easy equivalent to wiping out “memorized” spells like in AD&D.
  • Prismatic Sphere - I got lazy (complicated spell).
  • Spell Shape - From Tome of Magic. Not sure at all how I to build it.
  • Spirit Bind - From Complete Book of Necromancers. Not sure how I want to implement this. An Affliction that gives the ghost No Legs (Portable) with the Bound Limitation (from here) seems right, but how do we assure that the spirit is there in the first place.
  • Wildfire - From Tome of Magic. Not sure I want to build this one at all. It's far too much like Wish.

Needs Attention

These spells are broken, I'm not satisfied with how they work or I have plans to expand on them somehow.

Need more variations on Glyph of Warding. Need more Elemental Aura of X spells. For the para-elements, quasi-elements and the energy planes, plus shadow.

  • Flame Blade - Need more spells like it.
  • Flame Whip - Need more spells like it: Lightning Whip, Freezing Whip, etc.

Not Used in This Setting

These spells are here for the sake of completeness only. They aren't used in this setting, but are provided for your convenience. These spells aren't tagged, so they won't show up in the regular spell lists.
Powerstone & Manastone - I've always really hated Powerstones, so Islands of War doesn't include them. I know other GMs will feel differently, so here's the spells if you want them.

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