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The Dwarves of the Archipelago are most common on Iron Peak, most particularly Iron Hall.

They can be found mixed in to the other nations in smaller numbers, however.


Arctic (Inugaakalikurit)

Arctic Dwarves dwell in arctic areas and are practically immune to cold, both natural and unnatural. They're friendly and social.

They're fairly common in the Archipelago, where they're often seen living in frozen landscapes, hunting and fishing. They tend to wander further than normal during the winter, when the ocean between islands freezes over.


Deep Dwarves live far underground. They believe themselves to be the pinnacle of all that Dwarves should be. They're a bit arrogant in this regard.


Duergar live far underground and are the black sheep of the Dwarven family. They're generally evil and often allies of the Drow Elves.


This is the most common variety of Dwarf.


This is an unusual sub-race of Dwarf that lives in the Cloud Kingdom. They have wings and share many things in common with Winged Elves. Owl Dwarves are solitary, living alone or in mated pairs.


Sundered Dwarves are Mountain Dwarves that were long ago (many generations back) driven out of their underground homes. They're now afraid to return underground. They're stronger than other sub-races and have a distinct, unpleasant body odor.


The Urdunnir dwell deep underground. They do not mine in the traditional sense, but have a natural ability to pass harmlessly through stone, allowing them to take gem and minerals without much effort. They eat gemstones to survive, but each settlement is provided with a regenerating supply of gemstones to eat by their god. Those that they take from the land are used in their more artistic efforts, instead.


The Wild Dwarves are a jungle-dwelling variant of Dwarf that spend most of their time hunting in small packs. They do some small amount of mining, mostly for the sake of trade.

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