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Races and Cultures

For races in this setting, I'm using mostly 2nd Edition AD&D races, translated into GURPS as best I can, but with my own little preferences here and there, such as the Gnomes. The Gnomes are rather like regular Gnomes mixed with tinker Gnomes. They're not totally insane, but their gear still explodes occasionally. Their high-tech explosives are actually occasionally too effective.

I also suggest the races from the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy line. They're pretty cool. Those that are duplicated here were re-done as GCS files because the ones that come with GCS are messy, to say the least.

Some of these are not exactly AD&D races, but are my own creation, or they're simply races that were missing or incorrect from GCS' data files (at least for my tastes).

Some will be useful for players while others will be more useful for the GM.

I do not intend to infringe on the property of Wizard's of the Coast. That's part of the reason this wiki is under a non-commercial license (see the very bottom of any page).


Race PC Race? GCS Files Source
Aasimar Yes Aasimar.gct AD&D
Bariaur Unusual Background Required Bariaur.gct AD&D
Bladeling Unusual Background Required Bladeling.gct AD&D
Broken One Yes Broken One.gct AD&D
Brownie Yes Brownie.gct Islands of War
Bullywug Yes Bullywug.gct AD&D
Centaur Yes Centaur.gct
GURPS Fantasy
AD&D (Centaur-Kin)
Coleopteran Yes Coleopteran.gct GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3
Crabman Unusual Background Required Crabman.gct AD&D
Crystallinus Unusual Background Required Crystallinus.gct Islands of War
Dark One Yes Dark One.gct GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3
Dragon-Blooded Yes Dragon-Blooded.gct GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3
Dragon-Kin Yes Dragon-Kin.gct AD&D
Dwarf Yes Dwarf.gct AD&D
Islands of War
Elder-Spawn Yes Elder-Spawn.gct GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3
Elf Yes Elf.gct AD&D
Faerie Fiddler Yes Faerie Fiddler.gct AD&D
Firenewt Yes Firenewt.gct AD&D
Fish Folk Yes Fish Folk.gct Islands of War
Formian Unusual Background Required (Worker, Warrior, Myrmarch)
No (Queen)
Formian.gct AD&D
Gargoyle Yes Gargoyle.gct GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3
Ghoul Yes Ghoul.gct AD&D
Giant Yes (Cyclopskin)
No (Cyclops, Hill)
Giant, Cyclops.gct
Giant, Hill.gct
Githyanki Unusual Background Required Githyanki.gct AD&D
Githzerai Unusual Background Required Githzerai.gct AD&D
Gnome Yes Gnome.gct AD&D
Islands of War
Goblin Yes Goblin.gct AD&D
Islands of War
Golem Yes (Flesh Golem)
Unusual Background Required (All Others)
Templates on this page. GURPS
Islands of War
Grimlock Yes Grimlock.gct AD&D
Grippli Yes Grippli.gct AD&D
Halfling Yes Halfling.gct AD&D
Half-Breed Yes Groll.gct
Islands of War
Hobgoblin Yes Hobgoblin.gct GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3
Human Yes No Template Required
AD&D (Pygmy, Swanmay)
Infused Yes Infused.gct GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3
Islands of War (Shadow Infused)
Kercpa Yes Kercpa.gct AD&D
Kobold Yes Kobold.gct AD&D
Leprechaun Yes Leprechaun.gct GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3
Islands of War
Lizard Man Yes Laerti.gct
Lizard Man.gct
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3 (Lizard Man)
AD&D (Laerti, Varkha)
Marl Unusual Background Required Marl.gct AD&D
Medusa Unusual Background Required Medusa.gct AD&D
Islands of War
Merfolk Yes Merfolk.gct Islands of War
Minotaur Yes Minotaur.gct GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3
Modron Yes (Rogues Only)
No (All Others)
Rogue Modron.gct
Modron Ocular Accessories.gct
Mold Man Yes Mold Man.gct AD&D
Natural Zombie Unusual Background Required Natural Zombie.gct Islands of War
Neogi Unusual Background Required Neogi.gct AD&D
Nethling Unusual Background Required Nethling.gct AD&D
Nymph Yes Nymph.gct GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3
Ogre Yes Ogre.gct AD&D
Ophidian Yes Ophidian.gct AD&D
Orc Yes Orc.gct GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3
AD&D (Orog)
Pixie Yes Pixie.gct Islands of War
Quickling Yes Quickling.gct AD&D
Islands of War
Saurial Unusual Background Required Saurial.gct AD&D
Forgotten Realms
Skeleton Warrior Unusual Background Required Skeleton Warrior.gct AD&D
Islands of War
Sprite Unusual Background Required (Spirit)
Yes (All Others)
Sprite.gct AD&D
Islands of War
Tabaxi Yes Tabaxi.gct AD&D
Tasloi Yes Tasloi.gct AD&D
Thri-Kreen Yes Thri-Kreen.gct AD&D
Tiefling Yes Tiefling.gct AD&D
Troglodyte Yes Troglodyte.gct AD&D
Troll Yes Troll.gct Islands of War
Vampire Unusual Background Required Vampire.gct AD&D
Basic Set
Islands of War
Wemic Yes Wemic.gct AD&D
Were Creatures Yes
GM assistance may be required
Human Werebear.gct
Human Wereboar.gct
Human Werewolf.gct
Wood Elf Werebear.gct
Islands of War
Wildman Yes Wildman.gct GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 3
Yuan-ti Unusual Background Required Yuan-ti.gct AD&D


Sometimes you'd like to play a member of one race raised by another, or a character that settled in another race's territory and “went native.” At the very least, this requires removing the strictly cultural traits from the desired race and adding the cultural traits of the other. Some customization will undoubtedly be required for the fact that the character probably had many social difficulties growing up. Those raised by a race that's traditionally intolerant of the child's race will have more trouble than most.

It's also quite appropriate for a member of a half-breed race to have some cultural traits of the non-human parent. For example, a Half-Elf might have picked up some of the culture of the Elven parent. However, this is not always appropriate.

This process is especially important for non-Human Wayfarer PCs, because the tribal culture is more important than the racial culture. Some small vestige of the racial culture should be left in, however.

In all cases, the player should seek GM approval and guidance when doing this. The GM is free to require an Unusual Background for this. This shouldn't be required of an Elf or Halfling Wayfarer, however, since they're common among the Wayfarers.

The following gcs file has the cultural traits of most races listed, for the sake of easing this task:

Aside from these, there are a few cultures that aren't tied to any particular race:

Culture Faction(s) Island(s) PC Culture? GCS Files Source
Amazon Yes Amazon.gct AD&D
Arcanus Islander Wizard's Guild Arcanus Yes Arcanus Islander.gct Islands of War
Barbarian Yes Barbarian.gct AD&D
Islands of War
Citizen of Cormont Pelagum Yes Citizen of Cormont.gct Islands of War
Citizen of Haven Haven Storm Haven Island Yes Citizen of Haven.gct Islands of War
Citizen of Iron Hall Iron Hall Iron Peak Yes Citizen of Iron Hall.gct Islands of War
Courier Couriers The Sisters
The Spine
Yes Courier.gct Islands of War
Crescent Islander Crescentia Crescent Island Yes Crescent Islander.gct Islands of War
Green Knight Green Knights Green Isle Yes Green Knight.gct Islands of War
Medusa Islander League of Adventurers Medusa Island Yes Medusa Islander.gct Islands of War
Minos Islander Minos Yes Minos Islander.gct Islands of War
Sigil Native Unusual Background Required Sigil Native.gct AD&D
Three Kingdoms Islander Isle of the Three Kings Yes Three Kingdoms Islander.gct Islands of War
Tinker Tinkers Iron Peak Yes Tinker.gct Islands of War
Wayfarer Wayfarers Yes Wayfarer.gct Islands of War


Here are a few templates used for unusual purposes:

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