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This page has links to GCS files for the monsters of this setting. Some are for creatures created/summoned by spells in this setting, while others are conversions from other systems. Still others are simply unique creations for this setting. Some are from the Basic Set and are duplicated here for ease of modification and/or because they were lacking traits they should have had (dogs have Blunt Claws and Ultrahearing, for example).

While the main purpose of this page is to provide monsters for PCs to fight, some of them would an make excellent Ally for a PC, as well. This is especially true of the animals, the Bronze Guard Dog (under Golem) and the Carapace (includes a Meta-Trait for it's host). But if a player really wants a trained Basilisk as a pet and the GM agrees, who am I to stand in the way of their fun?

Finally, in a campaign where the PCs actually are monsters, these will be infinitely more useful, both as Allies and as PC races.

I've often been criticized on the SJ Games Forums for insisting on building my monsters the same way I build PCs. Now you know why I do. ;-)

Everything has multiple purposes. I'm not going to stand in the way of anyone's fun, so use them the way you want to.




Name Character Sheets GCS Files
Baatezu Baatezu - Lemure
Baatezu, Least - Spinagon
Baatezu, Lesser - Black Abishai
Baatezu, Lesser - Green Abishai
Baatezu, Lesser - Red Abishai
Baatezu, Lesser - Barbazu
Baatezu, Greater - Cornugon
Baatezu - Lemure.gcs
Baatezu, Least - Spinagon.gcs
Baatezu, Lesser - Black Abishai.gcs
Baatezu, Lesser - Green Abishai.gcs
Baatezu, Lesser - Red Abishai.gcs
Baatezu, Lesser - Barbazu.gcs
Baatezu, Greater - Cornugon.gcs
Baatezu - Lemure.gct
Baatezu, Least - Spinagon.gct
Baatezu, Lesser - Abishai.gct
Baatezu, Lesser - Barbazu.gct
Baatezu, Greater - Cornugon.gct
Bad Clam Bad Clam Bad Clam.gcs
Basilisk Basilisk, Lesser
Basilisk, Greater
Basilisk (Lesser).gcs
Basilisk (Greater).gcs
Beholder Beholder.gct
Blazing Bones Blazing Bones.gct
Broken One Broken One.gct
Bullywug Bullywug.gct
Carapace Carapace Carapace.gcs
Carapace Host.gct
Crabman Crabman.gct
Crypt Thing Crypt Thing.gct
Demon Demon Assassin
Demon Brute
Demon Wizard
Demon Assassin.gcs
Demon Brute.gcs
Demon Wizard.gcs
Doppleganger Doppleganger.gct
Dragon-Blooded Dragon-Blooded.gct
Dragon-Kin Dragon-Kin.gct
Elemental Acid Elemental
Air Elemental
Ash Elemental
Blizzard Elemental
Blood Elemental
Dust Elemental
Earth Elemental
Fire Elemental
Ice Elemental
Lightning Elemental
Magma Elemental
Mineral Elemental
Ooze Elemental
Radiance Elemental
Salt Elemental
Smoke Elemental
Spirit Elemental
Starved Water Elemental
Steam Elemental
Tempest Elemental
Tornado Elemental
Vacuum Elemental
Water Elemental
Wood Elemental
Acid Elemental.gcs
Air Elemental.gcs
Ash Elemental.gcs
Blizzard Elemental.gcs
Blood Elemental.gcs
Dust Elemental.gcs
Earth Elemental.gcs
Fire Elemental.gcs
Ice Elemental.gcs
Lightning Elemental.gcs
Magma Elemental.gcs
Mineral Elemental.gcs
Ooze Elemental.gcs
Radiance Elemental.gcs
Salt Elemental.gcs
Smoke Elemental.gcs
Spirit Elemental.gcs
Starved Water Elemental.gcs
Steam Elemental.gcs
Tempest Elemental.gcs
Tornado Elemental.gcs
Vacuum Elemental.gcs
Water Elemental.gcs
Wood Elemental.gcs
Eyewing Eyewing Eyewing.gcs
Faerie Fiddler Typical Faerie Fiddler Typical Faerie Fiddler.gcs
Faerie Fiddler.gct


Name Character Sheets GCS Files
Gelatinous Cube 2 Yard Gelatinous Cube
3 Yard Gelatinous Cube
2 Yard Gelatinous Cube.gcs
3 Yard Gelatinous Cube.gcs
Ghoul Ghoul.gct
Giant Typical Cyclops Typical Cyclops.gcs
Giant, Cyclops.gct
Giant, Hill.gct
Giant Ant Giant Ant Breeder
Giant Ant Queen
Giant Ant Soldier
Giant Ant Worker
Giant Ant Breeder.gcs
Giant Ant Queen.gcs
Giant Ant Soldier.gcs
Giant Ant Worker.gcs
Giant Bee Giant Bee Breeder
Giant Bee Queen
Giant Bee Soldier
Giant Bee Worker
Giant Bee Breeder.gcs
Giant Bee Queen.gcs
Giant Bee Soldier.gcs
Giant Bee Worker.gcs
Giant Dragonfly Giant Dragonfly Giant Dragonfly.gcs
Giant Eagle Giant Eagle Giant Eagle.gcs
Giant Fly Giant Fly Giant Fly.gcs
Giant Frog Giant Frog Giant Frog.gcs
Giant Praying Mantis Giant Praying Mantis Giant Praying Mantis.gcs
Giant Rat Giant Rat Giant Rat.gcs
Giant Scorpion Giant Scorpion Giant Scorpion.gcs
Giant Spider Giant Riding Spider
Giant Spider
Giant Riding Spider.gcs
Giant Spider.gcs
Goblin Tribal Goblin Chief
Tribal Goblin Shaman
Tribal Goblin Thief
Tribal Goblin Warrior
Tribal Goblin Chief.gcs
Tribal Goblin Shaman.gcs
Tribal Goblin Thief.gcs
Tribal Goblin Warrior.gcs
Golem Bronze Guard Dog
Candle Golem
Clay Golem (AD&D)
Flesh Golem (AD&D)
Iron Golem (AD&D)
Lantern Golem
Necrophidius Golem
Porcelain Golem Servant
Scorpion Action Figure
Stone Golem (AD&D)
Treasure Golem
Bronze Guard Dog.gcs
Candle Golem.gcs
Clay Golem (AD&D).gcs
Flesh Golem (AD&D).gcs
Iron Golem (AD&D).gcs
Lantern Golem.gcs
Necrophidius Golem.gcs
Porcelain Golem Servant.gcs
Scorpion Action Figure.gcs
Stone Golem (AD&D).gcs
Treasure Golem.gcs
Grippli Grippli.gct
Gryphon Gryphon Gryphon.gcs
Homonculous Homonculous Homonculous.gcs
Illusion Phantom Beast
Phantasmal Killer
Phantom Beast.gcs
Phantasmal Killer.gcs
Imp Imp.gct
Invisible Stalker Invisible Stalker Invisible Stalker.gcs
Kobold Kobold Chief
Kobold Leader
Kobold Warrior
Kobold Chief.gcs
Kobold Leader.gcs
Kobold Warrior.gcs
Lich Typical Lich Typical Lich.gcs
Living Wall Living Wall.gct



Special Characters/Creatures

Name Character Sheets GCS Files
Death Minor Death Minor Death.gcs
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