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Magic Items

General Notes

There are a few important things to note about this setting in regards to magic items:

  • There are no power stones. Period.
    • There are magic items that have similar properties, but these are extremely rare and much sought after.
      • Each such item should be a special treasure that any wizard would fight to keep.
      • If a player wants such an item, without making an adventure of it, they may pay points for it using the rules for Gadgets (see p. B117).
    • There are magic items that store spells themselves, however.
    • Dungeon Fantasy's Power Itemsexist as an alternative (see p. DF1:28).
      • Witches use an alternative known as a Buffer Item, which they may have only one of and has twice the capacity of an equivalent Power Item.
        • This uses the rules for Buffer Objects (see Thaumatology p. 80), except that tally never reduces on it's own.
        • Reducing the tally of a Buffer Item can be taken care of by a witch's clan (or other allied witches) at a price of $10 per tally point.
        • They usually use their Magery talisman as their Buffer Item.
  • The process of making new magic items is detailed in the article on Magic Item Construction.

Magic Item Recipes

Incomplete Magic Item Recipes

These are not complete for one reason or another and should not be used.

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