Character Toolkit

Sometimes as a GM, you've got only moments to build an NPC, but you've got to have one. Perhaps you just don't feel like spending a whole lot of time on every character.

Alternatively, you may be a player that's new to GURPS and you're not sure what you're doing. Maybe you just want some ideas you wouldn't have thought of on your own.

This page has a series of GCS template files containing character lenses you can drag and drop onto your character sheet. Each individual lens is 100, 50, 25 or 0 points, with most being 50. Each file has a different organizational theme.

It may also be helpful to visit the Races and Cultures page to pick something out.

Some races have files listed here with special lenses specific to them. Some of these also have equipment specific to the race (for example, the Gnome file has an armor package for their typical soldier's outfit and the Dwarf file has a set of armor suitable for a Battlerager) and those with class lenses include the equipment packages from Dungeon Fantasy 13.

There's also a file with packages of pre-configured armor, sorted by size modifier and labeled for type/weight.

Using the Lenses

Most lenses have two or three parts in separate containers: traits (Advantages, Disadvantages, Languages, Perks and Quirks), Skills and Equipment. They're intended to be used all together. However, some only have one part, for example, the Intellectual and Superior Training lenses are only composed of traits and the Horseman lens is a collection of Skills.

Please be careful to check for duplicate skills when dragging lenses onto a character sheet. When duplicate skills are found, add the point value of the skill from the most recently added lens to the existing skill of that name. For example, I added the Thief lens and then added League Adventurer. Both have 2 points of Stealth, so I added 2 points to Stealth on the Thief lens and then removed Stealth from League Adventurer.

You may also find it helpful to remove the Options section once you're done with it.

A keen observer might notice that the last file listed on this page is 'AD&D2'. This one is for players and GMs familiar with the second edition of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. It's a drag and drop conversion kit for rapidly building GURPS characters that greatly resemble AD&D characters. Its a zip file because the included files are huge, but compress quite well.

Inside you'll find a few Open Office text documents and some template files for GCS.

The template files contain lenses that closely mimic any given AD&D class+level combination up to 20. Multi-class and dual-class characters should be as simple as dragging two different class+level templates to a character sheet (with the caveats listed above related to duplicate skills).

There's also a template file for monsters; this serves as a drag and drop toolkit for all of the most common bits that I've used in converting monsters over the years. It isn't intended to be used slavishly; it's just to help and provides some general guidelines. It has an associated text document with detailed notes and suggestions.

The NPC template file currently only has drag and drop packages meant to assist in converting Ability Scores into a muted reflection in GURPS; ST, DX, IQ and HT have a big role in the classes themselves, so reducing their importance was necessary. The associated text document describes in detail how the class templates are supposed to be used.


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