Before you start building your character, you need to check with your GM. They'll probably have some input on how their campaign differs from the guidelines listed here.

Also, you may find the Character Toolkit and Nameless Groups pages helpful to mine ideas from or may simply find it helpful to rapidly build your character from modular parts.

General Notes

  • The PCs are members of the League of Adventurers.
  • The PCs do not exist in a vacuum. They have loved ones or something of the like.
  • The PCs are not murderers. Monsters can be killed, but humans, elves, dwarves, haflings, gnomes and the like are another story.
    • Any PC that kills another “civilized” humanoid or witnesses such an act has to make a fright check at a -10 penalty the first time. This becomes -5 on the second occasion, is unmodified the third and thereafter no such rolls are required.
      • Legal Enforcement Powers with the 'may kill with impunity' option side-steps this issue.
      • Unusual Background (Has Murdered Before) is worth 5 points and also side-steps this. This should come with suitable Disadvantages, such as Secret, Social Stigma (Criminal Record) or possibly Enemies.
        • Secret could provide interesting role-playing opportunities if another PC is a Law Keeper and the Secret is the type that could get a person arrested.
    • This applies to “civilized” races only. Goblins, orcs, ogres, demons, etc. do not live the same kind of sheltered lives that the “civilized” races do. Constructs, such as Golems, also do not have this problem.

Required Disadvantages

The following shouldn't count toward the disadvantage limit:

  • Duty (League of Adventurers, appears on 9 or less) [-5].
    • Not having this Disadvantage is an Unusual Background [5] and the player will have to explain why their character is not a League member, but is working with a group of them, since this is not normally allowed. The GM shouldn't allow the entire party to do this.
    • The League may also function as a Patron. The League is a 20 point organization, modified by frequency of appearance. This represents a relationship with a suitable member of the top brass or another higher-up in the League. This can be a handy trait for the leader of the party to have.
  • Dependant [Variable].
    • Here are a few suggestions:
      • Family: siblings, parents, children, adopted children, spouses, etc.
      • Tag-along: persistent, adoring fans and what have you.
      • Apprentices: wizard's apprentices, sword bearers, potential League members sponsored by the PC, etc.
      • Experimental subjects it would be a shame to lose.
      • Incompetent hirelings. Semi-incompetent, if they're also an Ally.
    • The Dependant may also be an Ally.
    • With some suitably twisted logic, the Dependant may also be an Enemy. An example of this might be an adoring fan that is stalking the PC, but at the same time the PC would feel responsible if something bad happened to them.
      • The Watcher and Rival options seem most appropriate, but even Hunter is a possibility, especially if the Unknown option is used. However, this would probably require some seriously twisted logic.
      • An Evil Twin Dependant/Enemy combo seems very…amusing. This would mean the characters are siblings and probably grew up together, but the twin causes nothing but trouble for the PC, sometimes by being captured and/or helpless, sometimes by actively working against the PC. This should give great role-playing opportunities!
    • Sense of Duty to appropriate non-present characters might be a suitable substitute for Dependant. Check with your GM first.
      • Sense of Duty to “a girl back home” makes an especially nice one, as the PC can be actively saving money to marry, sending her gifts, constantly seeking a chance to visit her, etc. The GM may wish to build the character for the purpose of role-playing when the PCs go home.
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