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On this page you'll find links to new rules for GURPS.

The Rules


  • Extras.glb - Extra bits that GCS doesn't include, but are quite generally useful. The Targeted Attack Technique is in here; I got sick of custom building this every time I needed it. This also includes all the weapons from the tables in GURPS Martial Arts plus the Imbue Advantage and associated skills from GURPS Power Ups 1 and Pyramid 3/4.
  • Islands of War.glb - The GCS file for new Advantages, Disadvantages and Skills. Everything in this one is specific to this setting.
  • Planescape.glb - You'll find this useful if you're running Islands of War as part of a Planescape Campaign. It has new Advantages, Disadvantages and Skills related to the planes.
  • Planar Origins.gct - This has the Meta-Traits for Petitioners and Planar characters. Primes don't need one.
  • Planar Factions.gct - This has the Meta-Traits (lenses?) for the various factions of Sigil. This is the big one for Planescape.
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