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Here you'll find blog entries describing recent changes to the Wiki. This will serve to inform you of major changes, while minor changes will likely go without comment.

This is the place where I will comment on major design choices in building and rebuilding the wiki, as well as any major changes in game mechanics. I will also try to comment on any and all updates to GCS files.

Rising From the Ashes

Today I rescued the wiki from the SD card it's been sitting on for the past eight years or so and managed to get the old gal up and running on my desktop. It's a rough fit, with a lot of shoehorning, due to how old the dokuwiki installation is.

It was a very frustrating experience, because I haven't configured a web server in all that time. The biggest problem was a matter of htaccess files, but it took me about two hours to figure that out.

You should start seeing new updates from time to time, just so long as I can keep my personal copy of the wiki operating properly, though currently, I'm fighting with the Changelog. If you're seeing this, then, well, I succeeded in fixing it.

It's ironic that I'm breathing life back into this project on an Easter afternoon. I'm also thinking of it like a Phoenix. I'd previously given up on ever getting this to work again, but here I am, typing away…

2020/04/12 15:48 · Richard Owen Lewis

The Aspects of Minda

I recently decided that I wanted Minda the Immortal to be attached to more of the religions of this setting. You can read more about her here.

To that end, I've made a few small changes to the page on the Law Keepers and the Order of he Unseeing Eye. I like the implications of these changes, because it ties two of the religions together in an interesting way. I even threw in a tiny hint that it's Minda.

In one of her aspects/incarnations, Minda will be an Eye of Inquisition. This will be a fun version of her to build, I must say. She'll be blind, too. I will have to come up with some kind of explanation for that. But hey, she's Cursed. Do I need more of an explanation than that?

I also have plans to make Minda the god of the Children of the Shadow. That will likely be a fun build, too. Few will likely be able to pinpoint which religion she's attached to in that incarnation, because her identity will not be obscured, at all. Minda will be hiding in plain sight, so to speak.

It amuses me to think of Minda as the god of lots of religions in this setting, even though she has no clue that she is.

Someday I'm going to get around to writing an adventure that's all about Minda regaining her divine high-heeled shoes. They'll be sparkly and go well with any outfit. Whatever else they may do is a mystery to me at this point. They may give her some degree of memory, as well.

I just felt these changes deserved special mention.

2015/05/28 11:08 · Richard Owen Lewis

Character Sheet Pages

I'm quite proud to announce that every single GCS character sheet now has a script-generated page within this wiki, allowing them to be viewed from the browser without downloading them or installing GCS.

This is a project I attempted long ago while the wiki was still hosted by Wikispaces, with disastrous results. It wasted a massive amount of my time, I never completed it and it was a nightmare to maintain.

This is not the case this time around; it does what I wanted and I just have a few small refinements left to make on the script that exports character sheets en-masse, to make it more efficient.

You'll notice a new page linked in the sidebar, as well. This is the master index of all NPCs in the entire wiki. If you want to view a particular NPC, but can't remember which page you originally found them on, that's the page to visit.

Characters now have their own namespace in the wiki and it exactly mirrors the location of character sheets in the wiki.

I think I might add a unique RSS feed for character sheets, but that's an improvement for another day.

Eventually, I may repeat this process for templates files. This would be more difficult, however, as the template files would have to ripped apart and transformed into character sheet files, in order to trick GCS into doing the export work.

2013/11/07 12:09

Changed Search Widget

I did some research and figured out how to embed a custom Google search box into the sidebar the way I've wanted from the beginning. This should make the search widget more visible to users.

The fun part of this (to me) is that it takes you to a custom search page to display the results. Now it's that much closer to resembling my local version of the wiki…

2013/10/15 07:09

Various Small Website Tweaks

I've recently made a number of small tweaks to the website. I doubt anyone other than me would even notice them. Most of these consist of stripping unnecessary bits out of the HTML files.

I also got rid of all the references to the _detail/* HTML files that were related to images linked from the Changelog. The images listed there are now direct links; when you click on them, the file should either be downloaded or viewed by itself in your browser. I must remember whenever I add an image to the wiki that I've got to add ”?direct” to the end of the file name, in order to avoid the _detail page being added.

The HTTP error pages no longer have an area for commenting on them. They never needed it; I was just living with it being added to all pages. Now I know how to remove it with a minimum of fuss.

Pages with tags (pages that are dynamically linked in the local, wiki version of the website, like the individual spell pages) should now look no different from any other page. They previously had a small area where the tags were listed and linked to. I had previously found a good way to strip out the links, but the area was there, with a small pencil icon. Now that area is gone, as though it had never been; I found a simple way to remove it based on the HTML tags it was wrapped in.

Last of all, I finally managed to strip out the change date and author line from the bottom of every page. I didn't like this being on every page, because it has no meaning outside of my local copy of the website. The author will always be my username and the date is available in the HTML code (if you really want to extract it with software). I see no reason to display either piece of information.

2013/10/07 06:48


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