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Monsters For Hire

Monsters For Hire, commonly referred to as the M.F.H., is an adventuring company that's a rival to the League of Adventurers.

They differ from the League in a few important ways.

First, they do not take Humans or Demihumans (Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes and Halflings) as members, with the exceptions of ostracized (like Drow Elves and Were-Creatures), sylvan (like Forest Gnomes, Swanmays and Wood Elves) and Faerie (Brownies, Pixies, Sprites, etc.) races.

Second, they aren't at all picky about the races of their clients. The League can be a little racist, refusing decent jobs, just because they come from a member of a “Monster” race. For example, M.F.H. often gets jobs to remove unintelligent/ravening monsters that have encroached on the turf of an intelligent monster. The League usually refuses such jobs without a second thought (more accurately, the monster comes into the office and is driven out by the guards and/or office staff, all before getting a chance to say what they want).

Third, the M.F.H. has a huge chip on it's shoulder about Monster Rights. They believe in equal rights for all sentient beings. The M.F.H. are currently running a propaganda campaign against the League over this, accusing the League of being thoroughly racist in every way. This is, of course, a bit of an exaggeration.

Fourth, the M.F.H. has lower prices, by as much as 50%, depending on the job.


Membership in the M.F.H. is roughly the same as that of the League, but there are few famous groups. Most of the members are also Mercenaries.



The M.F.H. was started by a Faerie Elf named Ellindriel. She saw an inequality in the treatment of “Monsters” and saw an opportunity to make a profit the League was simply stepping over out of arrogance.

She has a number of Lieutenants that oversee the day-to-day operations, while she focuses on the big picture.


Most jobs the M.F.H. gets come from traditional “Monster” races. Kobolds are among the most frequent clients, due to their small size and a desire to keep others off their turf.

Oddly enough, dragons are also frequent clients, mostly due to laziness and a similar desire to keep others off their turf. In one case, the dragon had a noise complaint about a group of Gnomes using explosives to clear a forest (trying to eat them had failed, due to automatic weaponry).

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