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Colleges Creation, Protection
Components Verbal, Material, Thought
Casting Time 1 second
Duration 1000 minutes (16 2/3 hours)

Creates an alarmer anywhere within 10 yards of the caster. The caster must specify a password and it's location (via thought) when casting this spell.

Alarmers sit and wait for anything to pass within a distance specified by by the caster. If unspecified, they will assume a ten yard radius. Anything that doesn't say the password and is bigger than a rat will cause them to ring like a loud alarm bell.

Anything that tries to sneak by will have to succeed at a contest of Stealth vs. Perception.

Attacking them, even via ranged attacks will set them off. Even if they don't sense their attacker, roll vs. Perception for their Danger Sense. Success indicates that they rang before the attack struck.

They're invisible, ethereal and capable of sensing almost anything. They don't communicate what they've sensed. They either ring or they don't.

Anything that says the password before passing into their warriness zone will be ignored. Anything that was there when they were created will also be ignored.

If someone sees past their invisibility, they appear to be nothing more than a big bell with eyes all along the edge of the bell.

Ally (25% of Point Total, Appears Automatically) [16] 
    Summonable [+100%] 
    Minion [+50%] 
    Cosmic [+50%] 
        Creates instead of summoning 
        Death does not prevent creating anew 
    Increased Range (x10) [+30%] 
        Up to 10 yards 
    Extended Duration (x1000) [+120%] 
    Magical [-10%] 
    Spell Components [-40%] 
        Must say "Alarm" in latin 
        Must hold a tiny bell ($0.02) and piece of very fine silver wire ($2) 
        Must think the password to use 

Alarmer [14]
IQ 4 [-120], Per 16 [60]

360ยบ Vision [25], Danger Sense [15], Dark Vision [25], Infravision [10], Insubstantiality (Always On, -50%) [40], Invisibility (EM; Extended: infrared + ultraviolet, +40%; Affects Machines, +50%) [76], See Invisible (EM) [15], Subsonic Hearing [5], Ultrahearing [5], Ultravision [10]

Slave Mentality [-40], Spell Being [-16], Quadriplegic (Cannot move at all, +20%) [-96]

Sounds like a large bell, like in a bell tower

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