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Modrons are the quirky, machine-like inhabitants of the Plane of Mechanus, the plane of absolute law and order. Modrons come in multiple shapes of varying size and purpose. Their society is strictly hierarchical, with orders flowing without interruption from the highest ranking Modrons to the lowest. Each rank is only aware of the existence of the rank directly above their own and all those beneath. They always think the rank just above them is the highest form of Modron.

Modron bodies even reflect the hierarchy, causing them to transform when they're “promoted,” a process that happens automatically (and seemingly at random) when a higher ranking Modron dies.

When any Modron dies, they vanish and their energy is absorbed into the central energy pool at Regulus (where Primus' tower is located). This energy is then sent out to a Monodrone (seemingly at random), causing it to split into two complete Monodrones. As such, the number of Modrons in the multiverse is fixed, though it's a staggeringly high number, probably unknown by any but the supreme Modron, Primus.


Base Modrons


Monodrones are small spheres with a pair of combination arm/legs. They're capable of only one simple task at a time and serve as general laborers.


Rectangular and block-like, Duodrones can handle more complex tasks.


Tridrones are three-sided pyramids with three arms that can carry out multiple-task projects on their own.


Quadrones come in two varieties, both cubes. The first variety has four arms. The other has two arms and two wings. They serve as field officers.


Pentadrones are starfish-like, with five arms and walk around on stilt-like legs. They serve as the police of the base Modrons (Pentadrone and below).

Hierarch Modrons


Decatons are ten tentacled spheres on stumpy legs. They serve as the lowest officials of Modron society and look after the welfare of the Base Modrons.


Nonatons are nine-armed cylinders. Aside from administrative duties coordinating the Decatons, they lead investigations of Rogue Modrons and handle small invasions of Mechanus.


Octons have eight arms and a circular collar-like structure above their shoulders that propels them through water and air. The 64 Octons serve as governors of the sectors of Mechanus and have command of any armies stationed there.


Septons are bald, seven-armed humanoids with a collar similar to an Octon's. They cannot fly with it, but it serves them well in water. Septons maintain order and ensure that all regulations are obeyed, serving as inspectors of work and records.


Hextons are humanoids with six arms, two regular arms and four tentacles tipped with sharp claws. Thin, fan-like wings sprout from their shoulders. They serve as generals of the 36 Modron armies. Nine of these also serve at the tower of Primus.


Quintons are tall, stocky humanoids with four flexible arms, a prehensile tail that serves as a fifth and a diamond shape inscribed on their foreheads. They have wings similar to those of a Hexton. They're the bureau chiefs and record keepers of Mechanus. Five of them serve in Primus' tower.


Quartons are twelve foot humanoids with four arms and fan-like wings. They oversee the 16 regions of Mechanus.


Tertians appear human, aside from their twelve foot height, the horns on the bald heads and the prehensile tail with a mace-like ball on the end. The nine Tertians serve as judges when Modrons stray from the path of law and order.


Secundi are incredibly thin and tall humanoids with long, narrow eyes and deep-set eyes. The four Secundi serve as viceroys for Primus, each overseeing one quarter of Mechanus.


Primus is the supreme Modron, effectively their god. It is occasionally referred to as “The Gear God,” due to Mechanus being composed of massive gears.

It's first form is that of a huge being that rises from an energy pool in the center part of it's great tower at the center of Mechanus. In this form, it's hands are unseen; the right is swathed in rainbow hues and the left is covered in inky dark clouds.

The second form is that of an androgynous human.

Primus has access to the the senses of all Modrons, everywhere, even Rogues.


These Modrons have gained at least a hint of chaos and have gone rogue, leading them to disobey the instructions of their supervisors, break laws and occasionally become violent.

Eventually, they lose their form and come to resemble a Quadrone. When this happens, promotions occur as though they've died.

Those that go rogue in Mechanus don't survive long, as they're hunted down and brought to trial. The punishment is usually execution, which recycles the rogue's energy so it might be reborn as a Monodrone.

Rogues found off of Mechanus are attacked on sight by Modrons of Tridrone or higher rank (who will usually instruct the lesser Modrons to do the same), if their current orders permit them the time. Any non-rogue Modron of Tridrone rank or higher can recognize a transformed Rogue, because their shape is subtly flawed compared to that of a regular Quadrone.

Every once in a while, Primus will intentionally cause a Modron to go rogue, in order to study the process or out of simple curiosity. These Rogues are not attacked on sight, but are instead left in peace, at least until they've fulfilled their purpose in being forced to go rogue.

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