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Medusa are the snake-haired women of Greek legend whose gaze can turn others to stone.

Normally, Medusa are hateful creatures who find no greater enjoyment than torturing others to death, slowly. However, there are occasional exceptions. Such individuals don a mask or veil to block their petrifying gaze, so they might trade with Humans, but they're rarely accepted and often attacked instead.

It's rare, but possible to find a Medusa living and working in the criminal underworld, as this is one of the few parts of society that will accept them. These rogues sometimes join the Children of the Shadow, where their desire for privacy is considered normal. In these cases, they're often drawn to the priesthood, because it allows them to completely hide their identity without being considered all that strange.

Medusae all have a fondness for dim lighting, with flickering shadows. For this reason, they're also quite likely to learn Blind Fighting.

Medusa are an egg-laying, internal fertilization species. They're inter-fertile with other humanoid races. The female children grow to become Medusa. The male children are normally turned to stone by the first sight of their mother. Very rarely, one of these will survive and become a Maedar.



This humanoid variant of Medusa is the most common.

Despite misconceptions, the common Medusa is not ugly. In fact, they're quite beautiful, but this is rarely noticed before the viewer is turned to stone.


Maedar are the extremely rare male form of Medusa. About 1 in 400 Medusa hatched will be a Maedar.

They're quite muscular, hairless humanoids. They cannot turn others to stone like the females, but can instead reverse the process by touch. Typically, they use their great strength to crush their mate's victims and then turn them back to flesh, providing food for the both of them. They also possess the ability to pass through stone as though it wasn't there.

Maedar are quire reclusive and shy, but they mate for life. They'll do nearly anything to assist and protect their mates. If their mate is killed, they'll spend the rest of their life hunting those responsible, until they're all dead. After that, depression is likely to set in.

Maedar appear human enough to pass among other races without any difficulty.


One in every twenty Medusa hatched will appear as a serpent with humanoid arms and snakes for hair. They're likely the cause of the misconception about the more common variety being ugly, as their appearance is quite monstrous.

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