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No Legs

Special Enhancements

  • Breakable: May only be combined with Bound (Portable). If the item you're bound to is destroyed, you immediately die. If it's broken, you immediately go dormant (in the same manner as Nocturnal). This is worth the same as the Breakable Gadget Limitation (see p. B117), except that it's an equivalent value Enhancement.

Special Limitations

  • Bound: Only No Legs (Sessile) may have this Limitation. You have a normal Basic Move score, but cannot stray more than 2 yards from a particular spot . This is most appropriate for ghosts, but it could also represent some kind of invisible, unbreakable tether. -20%; for each -5%, double the length of your tether, up to a maximum of -80% for 8192 yards (about 4.65 miles).
  • Bound (Portable): Only No Legs (Portable) may have this Limitaton. As Bound, but you're connected to an object and may carry it around. However, if someone else gets their hands on it, you may end up in a tug of war with them. If you're insubstantial and have no ability to stop them, then you have no choice but to be dragged around by your tether. The cost is the same as Bound.
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