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Crystal Atoll

Crystal Atoll is the home of the Crystallinus, a race of crystalline creatures.

This small collection of islands in the Tatters is rather unique, because the sky has two suns and three moons, unlike in the rest of the Archipelago. The stars are also different. This combination of heavenly lights makes the sky darkening past the level of twilight a rare event that only occurs a few days a year. The Crystallinus view such days as evil and stay indoors with well-tended fires.

The Crystallinus keep a number of active mines from which they're excavating their kin from the dark depths of the earth, where they were trapped by an evil human wizard long ago. This wizard was, in fact, the creator of this demi-plane.

After pulling the atoll into the Archipelago, he found he was unable to manipulate the memories of the Crystallinus as easily as other sentient races. Instead, he decided to trap them underground, where they wouldn't be able to function. Fortunately, a freak earthquake caused by an accident in the Modron Tunnels allowed a small number of them to escape.

The more recent generations were unaware of their trapped kin until this event, only knowing that some sudden catastrophe had struck the entire previous generation simultaneously.

Having enlisted the aid of these newer generations (after they established a common language), the released elders have been digging up the rest ever since.

Crystal Atoll is also home to a number of other crystalline creatures and plants, coming in all shapes and sizes.

The ground is composed of a mixture of quartz, tough bedrock and incredibly mineral-rich soil, to the point of toxicity to non-crystalline plants.

The Crystallinus are cautiously looking around for someone to teach them how to mine better, since they've never had reason to dig in the ground before. Their current method involves using their beam attack like a blow torch to cut through stone. It doesn't work very well.

The Crystal Lighthouse

Shortly after the Crystallinus were freed from their underground prison, they discovered that their atoll was no longer on the Prime Material Plane. After a while, they sent out a group of explorers to see what was around them.

This group discovered the Archipelago and then returned, only to find that their home was gone. Not sure what happened, they returned on a daily basis to where the atoll was supposed to be. Eventually, they got lucky and got home after about a month of waiting.

This perplexed their leaders quite a bit, but they eventually figured out that the atoll was drifting around the edges of the Archipelago.

The explorers had brought back news of other living beings (not made of crystal!) that they might trade with.

To ease the navigation issues, they constructed and enchanted a massive crystal tower that focuses the light of their native suns into a beacon that can be seen all the way from the Archipelago. However, having had bad experiences with humans in the past (the Black Crown), the Crystallinus were not willing to let everyone know how to find them so easily. They specially enchanted this light house so it's light can only be seen by natives of Crystal Atoll.

The lighthouse can just barely be seen from any island on the edge of the Archipelago.

The Rotation Schedule

As it turns out, Crystal Atoll is on a set schedule of movement around the Archipelago. It passes by Shadow Reef around the middle of each month, moving in a counter-clockwise direction.

It took the Crystallinus quite a bit of time and a lot of guess work to figure this out, since their explorers kept getting lost.

Their explorers now plan to spend a month at a time on any particular island and rarely leave the islands on the outer perimeter.

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