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The Astral Plane

The Astral Plane is a plane of pure thought.

The following effects apply on the plane:

  • Mental attributes take the place of most physical attributes.
    • IQ is used in place of ST.
    • Will is used in place of DX.
    • HT is unaffected.
    • Secondary attributes and skills must be recalculated accordingly.
  • Movement is based on thinking about where you want to go.
    • Move is Basic Move.
    • Flight doubles this, as usual.
    • There is also the option of taking an All-Out (Move) maneuver for triple speed.
  • Breathing is unnecessary.
  • There is no gravity.
  • Astrally projected individuals are bound to their bodies by a silver cord.
    • Very few things can sever this.
  • Abilities are affected in a number of ways.
    • The default Mana level is High, or if on the border, one level higher than normal.
    • Extradimensional spaces become inaccessible.
    • Abilities that transform or affect physical matter or space don't work, since neither of these really exist on the Astral.
    • Range of all spells is increased by 50%.
    • All mind-affecting abilities gain a -1 to resistance rolls.
    • The Illusion Advantage malfunctions on 8 or less on 3d, producing something random instead of the desired illusion.
      • The Mental Enhancement side-steps this and gains the -1 to resistance rolls for mind-affecting abilities.
    • Spells of the Wild college gain a +1 to activation rolls and get a -1 on rolls to resist them.
    • Spell-casting is addictive.
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