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Modron Cube

The Modron Cube is not an island exactly, but rather a huge metal cube that's been dumped into the ocean. It's twenty miles to a side and extends underneath the sea floor. The top is ten feet above water at high tide.

The surface has dry dock facilities and canals that run the length of the top including several square lake-like structures, allowing a large number of ships to dock. On the above-water sections, multiple entry points are available, leading to busy rooms where the air has a coppery taste and a background hum of machinery.

Under the water there are docking bays for Modron submarines.

The entire cube is composed of a silvery metal that the Modrons are constantly polishing.

The cube is manned by an uncounted number of Modrons of all shapes and sizes. They patrol the ocean around the cube, covering a square area one hundred miles to a side, with the cube in the exact center.

Visitors to the area usually encounter a submarine surfacing, followed shortly by a loud voice coming out of it, “Stand to and prepare to be boarded for inspection.”

If allowed to board, the Modrons methodically examine the ship. They require a complete manifest of everything on board and a detailed explanation of the crew's business in the area. This process can take anywhere from ten minutes to ten hours, depending on whether or not the manifest is complete. Discrepancies require explanation. No one is sure what they're looking for, as they always escort the ships in and allow them to dock at the cube after this procedure, though the ship captains sometimes get grilled over their reasons for being there. Even Pirates are allowed to pass, regardless of what cargo they're carrying. Slaves in the cargo hold don't even phase them, as long as they're on the manifest.

If they're denied permission to board, the Modrons will order the ship to leave the area. If they don't leave, the Modrons will sink them by ramming into the hull at the highest speed they can manage. This tactic occasionally kills the Modrons as well as the intruders, but they don't seem to mind.

If intruders make it past this, they'll be greeted by at least a dozen surface ships along the way, each with four catapults for launching explosives. No one has yet made it out of this situation alive.

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