Best Laid Plans of Goblins and Men

I just finished running this adventure seed. My gosh, did that initial encounter ever explode. The sniper took aim on one of the PCs (Paladin/ranger hybrid with the Berserk Disadvantage and shot him in the ear as a prelude to negotiation.

He actually got the PCs to put down their weapons. I'm amazed that part went so well. Then, as the goblin started talking, the paladin went berserk and rushed him (failed the self-control roll), starting a quick battle between them. The goblin had previously warned that the next shot would be in his eye.

The goblin took aim again and put a bullet in his brain. This did not stop or even slow him down! Then the other player's character knocked him down (and back!) with an Airbolt spell. The goblin failed a Cowardice roll and then a fright check roll (they don't normally keep moving after he puts a bullet in their eye!), so he was stunned and came to his senses right on time for the now no longer berserk paladin to be standing over him.

He surrendered and called the paladin master. Because, to a goblin, it's better to serve the conqueror than to die today. I asked if the player wanted a goblin sniper as an Ally and he said yes. Oh my gosh! He said yes!

So now I'm running a campaign with a paladin PC that's wielding The White Flame and has a goblin sniper that's a known blackmailer to watch his back.

I never saw that one coming. Wow. What weird crap will happen next week?

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