Power Stones or Pwnage Stones

I've got to say it: Power Stones bug me. I can't even figure out why they're in the GURPS books.

I've only ever seen them abused by players. I've seen them terribly abused, actually. I just can't fathom any reason that they're in the books.

They let players trade money for a major advantage, something that I've seen the books suggest is a bad idea elsewhere.

In my opinion, Power Stones (Pwnage Stones, anyone?) should be purchased with points using the rules for gadgets on p. B116-117.

So why do they exist? Does anyone know? If you do, please comment1), I'd like to hear a good explanation.

1) This blog's old home had a commenting feature, but no one ever used it. This one does not, at least currently.
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