Islands of War is a unique campaign setting for GURPS, involving a mixture of intrigue, politics and war.

This setting was originally intended for a player vs. player campaign where each PC is a warlord with their own island in a huge archipelago. I've since seen much potential to use this setting in a more traditional manner, giving the players a chance to affect politics on a grand scale.

To add a few unexpected elements to the mix, I built several NPC warlords…ahem, rulers. Among these are an insane criminal on a penal colony, a surprisingly aggressive paladin on a crusade to forcibly convert others to her religion, and a dwarf kingdom in a state of cold war with a neighboring elven kingdom.

There are also a few neutral factions, including sea-faring couriers, pirates and mercenaries. Most of the unaligned islands are occupied by fishermen and occasionally farmers.

The archipelago is composed mostly of volcanic land and is very fertile. It is located in an arctic region, but most of the islands sport volcanic vents and/or hot springs to one degree or another. This has created a variety of environments, ranging from arctic to tropical to completely uninhabitable due to active volcanism.

Character sheets for characters in this wiki are provided in the form of GCS files. GCS is a nice program for GURPS that allows easy and very rapid character creation on a computer. It's open source and free, woo! Go find out more at the website.

Required Disclaimers

The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the GURPS system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

The material here also draws on old 2nd edition AD&D books for background material. None of it is reproduced. The most I've done is to convert AD&D game statistics into GURPS, such as PC races, monster races, characters, etc. All background material for these has been omitted, save only an occasional text summary. To get full use of this setting, the books are required.

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